Welcome on the Mediterranean Environment Observatory for Schools web site

Welcome on the Mediterranean Environment Observatory for Schools web site

About EduMed Observatory Project

EDUMED-Obs is focused on implementing an interface based on geoscience data about the Mediterranean basin, and is dedicated to natural risk education, in particular for high school students. This Observatory for schools aimes to facilitate the use of real sensor data in secondary and higher education.

This project (2017-2021) is established as part of IDEX JEDI from « Université Côte d’Azur ». It is supervised by the educational team of UMR Géoazur in Sophia-Antipolis.

The EDUMED-Obs interface is structured around 3 major axes:

A  ‘Data Center’ , which will provide access to the uploaded data. Those data are collected from various sensors (in seismology, geodesy, hydrogeology, meteorology…). The data originates from permanent research instruments, temporary scientific missions, and sensors connected in schools.

A ‘Tools Lab’, giving access to innovative digital tools. The digitals tools enable the use of data, facilitate experiments and provide access to the state-of-the-art of the digital world (serious games, augmented reality, simulations…).

A ‘Teachers Room’, providing scientific and pedagogical documentation for the purpose of data exploitation in a teaching context. Case studies will be offered progressively for one to familiarise with the use of online databases. 

EDUMED-Obs’ main mission > Highlight and promote the work of research teams in geoscience observation and natural risk prevention to the general public (science and citizen) and in particular to students (science and research).

Many partners are supporting, through their sensors' networks, and their expertises, the realization of this educational project.