EduSeis Haïti network

27/01/2019 Port au Prince, Haïti

The first school seismic network in Haïti is born with EduMed-Obs

On January 26th and 27th, a team of EduMed-Obs went in Haiti to the invitation of the embassy of France, and the school Catts Pressoir. A very rich and intense training with thirty teachers coming from all the country.

This training workshop allowed the teachers to discover a seismometer, to be attuned seismic survey with the seismometer, to analyze the records and the catalogs of seismicity and to know more about earthquakes and seismic risk. Four seismometers should be installed  in the next weeks.

Charles Guy Etienne, director of the  school Catts Pressoir, explained that this training workshop is specifically dedicated to the teachers of science of schools

This session of training aimed at setting up a school seismic network.
Spreading knowledge, experiences, expertise and the material with other schools, has pursues Mr Etienne, will facilitate the creation of a network allowing to identify the epicenter of an earthquake, to have many more data on any earthquake.

Jean Luc Berenguer and Julien Balestra (EduMed of University Côte d'Azur) livened up this training workshop.

Their interventions consisted in sharing with teachers of the ideas so that in the classes, we can take preventive action at the seismic risk by using data of seismometer which we install(settle) in schools.
" Haiti is a high seismic area, it is important that this theme is present in the teachings of schools ", Jean Luc Berenguer supported. According to him, the best relay for the society and for the prevention at the seismic risks remains the children. 
They can become ambassadors for the seismic risk, in their schools, with their families. When the children are trained well, the society can count on them, because they establis) a good relay ", underlined the professor.


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