HYDRO database

HYDRO database

The path of water from hills to coast !

In this section, you can access directly to the HYDRO data proposed by EduMed, in collaboration with the program ' Eaux souterraines' (Underground waters) and the project 'Solstice' :

'Right now' > You can display the records in live from some sensors on line (helicroders) and locate stations (map)

'HYDRO network' > Map of the hydro sensors of the network

'Dayplots helicorders' >  Access to the helicorders database for the past days.

'HYDRO time series' > Display time series about the rainfall, the level of the water in the karst excavation and/or the flow of the rivers

'HYDRO Case studies' > Access to the database of HYDRO case studies selected for education purpose.


Data references

Débitmètres :

Vigicrues > Service d'information sur le risque de crues

Pluviomètres :

MF > Données publiques Météo France / OMIV > Observatoire Multidisciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants / GEOAZUR > UMR Géoazur (Université Côte d'Azur) / CEA > Stations du projet SOLSTICE / ED > Stations METEO installées par EduMed (Davis Vantage Pro 2)

Eaux souterraines :

CDS 06 > Comité Départemental Alpes Maritimes / CDS 83 > Comité Départemental Var / SpéléH20 > Association SPELE-H20 / CEREGE > CEREGE OSU Pytheas (AMU) / ED > Réseau de capteurs souterrains EduMed

Map of the hydro sensors followed by EduMed Obs.
Access to the HYDRO dayplots (flow meters) from past days (source vigicrues - water level recorded, converted to flow rate)
Search the pluviometry on hills and the flow of the rivers of the previous days