OCEANO database

OCEANO database

In the heart of the Mediterranean see !

In this section, you can access to various oceanographic data proposed by EduMed Obs.:

'Right now' > tide gauges in real time for some stations of the Mediterranean region.

' OCEANO network ' > sensors installed on the study territory : tide gauges, drifting buoys (Argo, Argos).

' Daily helicorders ' > Request of the sea level recorded by tide gauges and\or of the flow of rivers and\or underground excavations.

' OCEANO time series' > Access to the time series archived.

' Case studies OCEANO ' > Case studies selected to use the data for education purpose.

' Adopt has MERMAID ' > Database of previous and actual MERMAID missions.

Data references

Marégraphes > Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO)

Balises Argos > CNES Argonautica (Argos),

Balises Mermaid > UCA Géoazur (MERMAID)

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