SEISMO database

SEISMO database

Tuned in to the Earth with seismometers

In this section, you can access directly to the SEISMO data :

'Right now' > You can display the ground motion recorded by some research seismometers on line (helicroders) and locate stations, recents events (map)

'Recent seismic events' > The last 150 seismic events recorded in the Meditteranean territory.

'SEISMO network' > Map of the seismometers of the network

'Dayplots helicorders' >  Access to the helicorders database for the past days.

'Seismicity' > Access to the database for the seismicity recorded (choose the period, the area and more ...)

'Case studies' > Access to the database of seismograms selected for education purpose.


Sources of data available

Education :

ED > French Education Seismological Network / SSE > Réseau Grèce / IDL > Réseau Portugal / Roeduseis > Réseau Roumanie

Recherche :

FR > Réseau RESIF France / IV > Italian National Seismic Network / CA > Catalan Seismo Network / MN > Mediterranean Very Broadband Seismographic Network / RO > Romanian Seismic Network / GE > GEOFON (GE)

Map of recent seismicity and seismometers of the network
Access to previous days SEISMO helicorders
Download seismic catalogs - choose your time window, the time period ... and more
Lasts earthquakes recorded on Mediterranean area or in the world (source CSEM)