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Accessing the databases of seismograms archived by the EduMed Observatory.

Seismometers continuously record, in a given geographical location, the speed or acceleration of ground motion according to the three components of space. This information is summarised in the form of seismograms. Sometimes these seismograms record the passage of seismic waves. Their analysis by seismologists allows scientists to define some characteristics of the earthquake (location, magnitude, focal mechanism...)

The EduMed Observatory offers access to some seismograms that are of educational interest. For each seismic event, a package of seismograms recorded by several stations is available. Download and display directly the seismograms with TectoGlob3D software, which can be used entirely on-line!

2024.01.27 / Turkish earthquake (M5.0, CSEM)
Sismograms from EduMed-Obs, EKFE Fthiotidas, and Roeduseis educational networks, and from Mednet and Corinth Riff Laboratory reseach networks.

2023.09.08 / Moroccan earthquake (M6.8, EMSC)
Following the dramatic earthquake near Oukaïmedene in Morocco on 8 September 2023, data (seismograms, mapping of faults and aftershocks from the first week) are available for use in observing and understanding the seismic nature of the area. This is a key approach to raising awareness of seismic risk.

2023.06.08 / Greek earthquake (M4.9, EMSC)
Use data from the hellenic seismic network (HL from the NOA) and the educational station ATHE (EduMed Obs) to estimate the epicentral location of the 2023 8th, June earthquake.

2023.02.06 / First turkish earthquake (M7.8, EMSC)
Find some data from research networks and the educational station RAN1 (Insegnaci Etna) of the Mw 7.8 turkish earthquake. A regional map with tectonic settings is available.

2023.02.06 / Second turkish earthquake (M7.5, EMSC)
Find some data from research networks and the educational station RAN1 (Insegnaci Etna) of the Mw 7.5 turkish earthquake, with the regional tectonic settings map.

2022.11.29 / Greek earthquake (mb 5.1, EMSC)
An earthquake was felt on the evening of 29 November 2022, recorded by stations from the Italian Med-Net seismic network.

2022.10.04 / Italian earthquake, close to Genova (ML 3.6, EMSC)
A little earthquake recorded by educational seismic stations in Northern Italia and in the Alpes Maritimes in France.

2022.09.10 / Earthquake occured in Papua New Guinea, recorded from Malaysia to Cabo Verde
Study case to work on seismic shadow zone.

2022.01.01 / Earthquake occured in the "Golfo de Cádiz" (South Coast of Portugal)
Portuguese research and educatives seismograms to locate this event.

2021.09.27 / 06h17m22s / M=6.0 / Crete
Earthquake in central Crete, causing material damage and one casualty.

2021.03.26 / 04h51m40s / M=5.8 / GUADELOUPE
Guadloupean earthquake occured on March 26, 2021 at nigth, and felt by the population of the archipelago.

2021.03.21 / 09h22m01s / M=2.8 / SICILY
Local earthquake event occured during the volcanic paroxysm of Etna volcano. Seismic event recorded by seismometers close to the volcano.

2020.10.30 / 11h51m25s / M=7.0 / DODECANESE ISLANDS
Earthquake in Aegean see in subduction context. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation, subduction

2020.06.23 / 15h29m05s / Mw=7.4 / OXACA MEXICO
Major earthquake in Central America recorded from Caribbean to Mediteranean areas. Keywords: epicenter location, PREM model, waves propagation.

2020.01.28 / 19h10m25s / Mw=7.7 / CUBA REGION
Major earthquake in Caribbean area recorded by seismic networks (research and education). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propgation, subduction context.

2019.11.11 / 10h52m45s / Mw=4.9 / TEIL - FRANCE
Earthquake occured In Ardeche (France) recorded by a large number of seismic stations (research and education). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation, site effect

2019.11.19 / 00h10m45s / Mw=4.7 / BARBADE
Earthquake occured in Caribbean area. Keywords: epicenter location, subduction context, waves propagtion.

2019.09.27 / 10h13m48s / Mw=3.2 / LIGURIE
Local earthquake recorded on the ligurian coast. Keywords: site effect

2019.09.24 / 03h23m35s / M=6.0 / PUERTO RICO
Earthquake occured in Caribbean area. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation

2019.09.13/ 16h27m19s / M=4,9 / MARTINIQUE
Powerful earthquake close to Martinique Island. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation, subduction context.

2019.07.31/ 04h40m03s / M=5,0 / CRETE
A deep and powerful earthqake occured in Creta, Greece. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation.

2019.07.25/ 13h47m29s / M=2,8 / SICILY
Earthquake in Etna volcano area with INGV and EduMed-Obs records. Keywords: waves propagation related to epicentral speed, epicenter location and fault on caldeirta border.

2019.07.25 / 10h15m10s / M=4.7 / GUADELOUPE
Shallow earthquake in Guadeloupe. Keywords: epicenter location

2019.07.06 / 03h19m57s / M=7,1 / SOUTHERN-CALIFORNIA
Major earthquake in Southern California. Keywords: epicenter location.

2019.05.14 / 00h20m37s / M=5.0 / MAYOTTE
Earthquake related to the volcanic activity recorded close to the Mayotte Island. Keywords : epicenter location, waves propagation, volcano

2019.02.22 / 10h27m22s / M=7,5 / PERU-ECUADOR
A powerful and deep (140 kms) earthquake recorded on a very large scale in the globe. The records correspond to stations located over distances varying from 20\xa1 to 180\xa1. Keywords: PREM model, waves propgation.

Data set of local quakes seismograms recorded in the Southern Alps allowing an analysis of PmP waves (reflected on the Moho interface). Keywords: Moho depth, PmP phase, crustal thickening from see to the Alps.

2018.12.12 / 07h-10h / EXPLOSIONS-en-MEDITERRANEE
Explosions (counter-mining) carried out by the Navy, in the Hyeres gulf.. The data represent three hours of continuous recording on the CALF (Grasse) research station, with four clearly visible explosions on which one can imagine an activity on the link between recording amplitude and energy released by the explosion. Keywords: magnitude, seismogram amplitude, epicentral distance

2018.12.05 / 04h18m07s / M=7.5 / LOYALTY_ISLANDS
Shallow and powerful earthquake felt throughout the New Caledonian Archipelago (15h18 local time). Keywords: magnitude, epicenter location.

2018.11.11 / 14h04m00s / M=6.3 / NORTH_ATLANTIC
Earthquake occured on the mid-atlantic ridge. The study of the arrival times of the seismic waves recorded around Etna volcano shows delays that are not taken into account in the velocity model (ak131 / SeisGram2K model). Keywords: PREM model, waves propagation

2018.10.25 / 22h54m51s / M=6.8 / MER IONIENNE - GREECE
Earthquake occured in Ionian Sea, Greece. Keywords: epicenter location

2018.10.07 / 00h11m48s / M=5.9 / HAITI
Earthquake occured in Haiti area. The set of recordings proposed allows an interesting analysis of the epicenter, the speed of the seismic waves at the different stations.

2018.10.06 / 00h34m20s / M=4,6 / SICILY
Strong earthquake at Etna area, with records allowing location of the epicentre (good azimuthal coverage from Spain to Creta). Keywords: epicenter location

2018.09.28 / 12h32m44s / M=5.4 / MARTINIQUE
Strong earthquake felt by the population in Martinique (Caribbean area). Keywords: epicenter location

2018.09.28 / 10h02m43s / M=7.5 / INDONESIA
Faraway earthquake in Indonesia (with associated tsunami) recorded in Mediterranean. Keywords: waves propagation

2018.08.19 / 00h19m37s / M=8.2 / FIDJI
Major faraway earthquake in Fiji Islands recorded in Mediterranean. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation

2018.08.16 / 18h19m06s / M=5.3 / SUD_ITALIE
Regional earthquake Southern Italy. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation

2018.07.17 / 18h13m44s / M=3.7 / CUNEO
Regional eathquake close to Cuneo, Italy (Southern Alps). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation.

2018.07.04 / 09h01m09s / M=4.7 / ALBANIE
Powerful earthquake in Albania, recorded in Mediterranea. Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation

2018.06.25 / 05h14m46s / M=5.4 / GREECE
Earthquake in Ionian See (Northern Greece). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation

2018.03.27 / 13h29m48s / M=3.4 / NORD_ITALIE
Regional earthquake close to Torino, Italy. Keywords : epicenter location, waves propagation

2018.02.18 / 04h47m52s / M=3.4 / HAUT VAR, FRANCE
Local earthquake in Var region, France. Keywords: epicente location, waves propagation

2018.02.12 / 03h08m32s / M=4,6 / POITIERS, FRANCE
Earthquake close to Poitiers (France). Keywords: epicenter location

2018.02.08 / 00h42m57s / M=4,7 / SAVONA, ITALY
Local earthquake close to savone (Ligurie). Keywords: epicenter location

2017.11.19 / 12h37m44s / M=4.7 / PARMA, ITALY
Regional earthquake close to Parma, Italy. Keywords: epicenter location

2017.11.12 / 18h18m17s / M=7,2 / IRAN_IRAQ_BORDER_REGION
Powerful faraway earthquake on Iraq-Iran border. Keywords : waves propgation, PREM model

2016.04.12 / 12h36m32s / M=4.1 / GUADELOUPE
Earthquake close to Guadeloupe. Keywords : epicenter location, PmP arrival time, Moho discontinuity

2014.04.07 / 19h26m59s / Mw=5.0 / JAUSIERS
Regional earthquake close to jausiers (in Southern Alps). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propoagation, continental and oceanic crusts.

2010.01.24 / 22h43m23s / M=5.2 / GUADELOUPE
Earthquake in Caribbean area (Guadeloupe). Keywords: epicenter location, subduction context, seismic tomography, volcano.

2010.01.12 / 21h53m10s / M=7,2 / HAITI
Major earthquake in Port au Prince (Haiti). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation, aftershocks.

2008.02.06 / 18h37m59s / M=4,8 / DOMINICA_REGION
Earthquake in Caribbean Islands (Martinique). Keywords: epicenter location, waves propagation, seismic tomography, volcano.

2007.09.30 / 05h23m19s / M=7.4 / NEW_ZEELAND
Faraway in New Zeeland recorded at different distances from the epicentre. Some of them are in the shadow zone. The comparative analysis of the data allows to highlight this shadow zone predicted in the PREM model. Keywords: waves propagation, PKP waves, shadow zone, PREM model

2007.09.12 / 11h10m26s / M=8.4 / SUMATRA
Faraway seismic event recorded at different distances from the epicentre. The analysis of the data shows that the average velocity of seismic waves varies with the depth reached in the mantle. Keywords: waves propagation, PREM model.